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Join us for a Tour of the Land of the Bible:      March 3-15, 2020

Tour of the Land of the Bible: March 3-15, 2020

We are pleased to announce that we have a tour of Israel planned for March 3-15, 2020. Partnering with Dr. Dwain Camp, retired pastor of Bethel Church of Houston & Garden Tomb Volunteer in Jerusalem, Pastor Wayne Cone of Cypress Bible Church, and I will be offering a 11-night tour of Israel whereby we explore the biblical, geographical, historical, and religious sites of Israel. Offering a dynamic one bus tour, we will not only see places people always love to see (e.g., Jerusalem; Western Wall; boat ride of on Sea of Galilee; Mt. Arbel; Dead Sea; Garden Tomb; Masada; En Gedi; Carmel; Capernaum; Dan Nature Reserve; Mt. of Olives; Garden of Gethsemane; Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial ), but we will also be going to places not normally seen on a tour. Here are other places we will be visiting:

Arad & Be'er Sheva

Belvoir Fortress (Crusader Fortress overlooking Jordan Valley)





We will also join a Reform Jewish congregation, Kehillat Bavat Ayin, in welcoming the Sabbath with dinner following in various homes of the members of this synagogue.

Here's where we will be staying:

March 4: Leonardo Beach, Tel Aviv (1 night)

March 5-7: Ein Gev Holiday Village (3 nights)

March 5-8: Inbar Hotel, Arad (1 night)

March 9-12, 2020: Mt. Zion Hotel  Jerusalem (3 nights)

March 13-14, 2020: Dan Panorama Tel Aviv (2 nights)

Arrive into Tel Aviv by Wednesday evening, March 4th. We return to US on Sunday, 15 March. 

Cost per participant for the land tour itself is $ 2,700.00 with two people sharing a room (excludes airfare). The land cost includes accommodations, breakfast and dinnner, entrance fees, porterage, and transportation. What's not included are lunches, personal expenses, and tips (which will be collected just prior to tour: $175.00). When you purchase airfare, make sure you have arrived by Wednesday evening, March 4th. Our tour of the land of the Bible begins Thursday morning, March 5th. We will make our way up to the Sea of Galilee after a day of looking at biblical sites. 

If you do not want to arrange your own airfare, group airfare is available (but is more expensive) with Lufthansa Airlines. Cost for land portion and group airfare is $4,275.00

If interested in signing up, please contact me at We are limiting our tour to 45 people (one motor coach bus). The tour is based on 30 participants. We already have a growing number of people who have signed up for tour. So, if you want to join us, let me know as soon as possible. Here's more registration information: But if you want to sign up today, hit the yellow tab, "register today" just below:

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