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Church Presentations
Lecture 3b: Worldview Thinking: 4 Factors Why We have Entered into A Post-Christian Culture
This chart is in PDF. I am particularly indebted to Dr. Ravi Zacharias for introducing these four major factors and to Nancy Pearcey for expanding Dr. Francis Schaeffer's insights into the truth-value split that dominates both the modern and postmodern mindset.
Supplement # 1b: Be Methodical in Doing Apologetics
This supplement offers an overview of the first three lectures with some added material we did not talk about.
Supplement # 2: A Closer Look at Truth
 This article offers a deeper look into the correspondence view of truth. 
Lecture 5 b: Cumulative Case for God's Existence Powerpoint
Cumulative Case for God's Existence as presented at Bethel
Lecture 8: The Problem of Pleasure
 This chart summarizes various aspects on the theme of pleasure. 
Lecture 12: Sharing Your Faith With Others
This will soon be uploaded.
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"We become what we behold. We shape our tools and then our tools shape us." ~ Marshall McLuhan

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