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Introduction to Christian Ethics
Welcome to the Study of Christian Ethics
This course of study examines the history of ethics and its applicability to the Christian life, family, church, and society. Not only will we study major divisions of ethics from the Western tradition, namely, virtue ethics, deontological ethics, and consequential ethics, but we will also explore intuitionism, gender ethics, and emotivism as well as a number of real life hard case scenarios. We will also look at figures ranging from Socrates and Aquinas to Nietzche and Sir William David Ross. But we will also examine the integrated relationship between Christian ethics to the Spiritual Life, Leadership, Scclesiology, Politics, Apologetics, Philosophy, and Theology Proper. Lastly, we will develop a personal system of ethics that can be applied to deep and broad-ranging issues that the church faces today and in the near future. 
 The following are lecture notes designed to supplement what you are learning both in class and in personal study. Keep good notes! 
Final Exam Review

This revised review for final exam is posted in MS Word. 

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