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"When I consider the brief span of my life absorbed into the eternity which comes before and after [and] the small space I occupy and which I see swallowed up in the infinite immensity of spaces of which I know nothing and which know nothing of me, I take fright and am amazed to see myself here rather than there:  there is no reason for me to be here rather than there, now rather than then.  Who put me here?"  ~ Blaise Pascal

Not only do we only know God through Jesus Christ, but we only know ourselves through Jesus Christ; we only know life and death through Jesus Christ. Apart from Jesus Christ we cannot know the meaning of our life or our death, of God or of ourselves. Thus without Scripture, whose only object is Christ, we know nothing and can see nothing but obscurity and confusion in the nature of God and in nature itself. Pascal, Pensees, (417/548).

Basic Christian Ethics Fall 2009 Course Syllabus
It is in MS WORD.  This syllabus has been revised.
List of Chosen Topics for Class Presentations in Ethics Class
Please let me know if this is not the topic you have chosen.  It is in MS Word.
Christian Apologetics Course Syllabus Spring 2010
This syllabus is revised as 18 January 2010
Lecture 1: Introduction to Apologetics
This introductory lecture is in PDF.
Supplement: Pursue a Balanced Theology
This is a supplement to your studies that I believe will be helpful as you begin to study apologetics (and other areas of theology as well).  It is in PDF.
Why Apologetics? Listen to R. C. Sproul

R. C. Sproul offers an oustanding introduction regarding the need for apologetics by discussing its history as used by the apostle Paul, as evidenced in the writings of the early church fathers (e.g., J. Martyr), and other pivotal thinkers in Christian (e.g., St. Augustine and St. Thomas Aquinas).

The Problem of Evil

These notes consider the hole-in-the heart argument, various responses to the problem of evil, gratuitous evil, why isn't God's existence more obvious, natural evil, religious problem of evil, and moral law argument.

Mid-Term Apologetic Exam

Please note that this is a closed-book exam.  You are not to receive any organic or inorganic assistance in order to complete this exam. Do not download it until you are ready to take exam. You must e.mail me to let me know that you downloaded it and are about to begin.  Email me back and let me know when you finish.


Lecture 10: Miracles

Here is an overview of my lecture on miracles.

Lecture 11: Reliability of Scripture
This summary is in PDF.
College of Biblical Studies Final Exam

Dear CBS students:  Do not download this final exam until you are ready to take it.  Once you read the essay question, you are not allowed to receive any organic or inorganic assistance to complete any aspect of your essay answer.  Be sure to complete all questions.  It is due next Tuesday by 6:30pm (13 April 2010).  Blessings, Paul


Lecture 12: Historical Case for Jesus Christ
Here is an overview of my lecture on the historical case for Jesus Christ.
Lecture 14: Tactics
See worldview tab and scroll down for lecture material on tactics in apologetics.
Lecture 2 Prolegomena

It is in PDF.  This is an expanded presentation than the one I gave.

Lecture 3: How to Do Theology:
It is in powerpoint.
Socrates and Virtue
It is in PDF. 
Lecture 7: The Perils, Purposes, & Vanity of & Longings for Pleasure
This is a synopsis of my studies on the problem of pleasure.
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"We become what we behold. We shape our tools and then our tools shape us." ~ Marshall McLuhan

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