The Extraordinary in the Ordinary

One of the extraordinary aspects of an day-to-day living is taking the time to enjoy life's pleasures. For me, one of the moments is when I am able to enjoy fresh, delicious coffee. 9,000 taste buds are at work and when one can take in the subtle differences of each and every cup, it can offer a respite from the grind, a time for refreshment, and an encounter with an aesthetic delight. Enjoying a cup in solitude or in the company of great conversationalists are gifts. To enjoy the now while reflecting upon the past and anticipating the future is something we should perhaps do more often. 

While I am not an expert of all things related to coffee, it is an aesthetic pleasure for me. Perhaps my pics, reflections, and reviews will be a blessing to you! 

Top Ten Coffee Bars in Houston, Texas

For fun, one of my best friends, who is a world traveler of coffee, took a journey with me to visit the top ten coffee bars in Houston. The observations made, delicacies experienced, and the reviews shared, led us to create our own list. For what its worth, here is our top list of coffee bars. In particular, while we tried various types of coffees, our first order tended to be cappuccinos. However, there are some notable exceptions given previous reviews we read about signature coffees at certain places. Unless noted otherwise, our reviews centered on cappuccinos. 


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