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This left column is dedicated to lecture notes for worldview class at CBS. 

Lecture 3: Why do you believe what you believe?
 An introduction to some of the major worldviews in our world today.
Lecture 5: History of Reality (metaphysics)
 Chart on Plato's conception of metaphysics & epistemology.
Lecture 5d: John Dewey's Conception of Reality
 John Dewey's qualitative starting point is experience itself.
Mid-Term Review

Howdy! Here's an updated worldview review sheet for mid-term exam.

Lecture 18 Introduction to Worldview Systems

This is the final lecture for this course. It is in powerpoint.

Guide and Review for Final Exam

Here is cumulative final exam. 

The Pursuit of Pleasure: The Perils, Purposes, & Problems of Pleasure
This lecture was given to the Reasonable Faith Forum in Spring, Texas on 26 August 2011. Related to this presentation is five-part series on the problem of pleasure: The Perils of Pleasure (part 1); The Vanity of Pleasures (part 2); The Longing for Pleasures to Satisfy (part 3); The Purposes of Pleasure (part 4); The Pursuit of Pleasure (part 5). This five-fold series is located under the tab, "Spiritual Life." They are found in the far right column. 
Synopsis on the Perils, Problems, and Purposes of Pleasure
 This is a synoptic chart on the perils, problems, and purposes of pleasure.
Should Christians Be Involved in Politics
 This brief response is in PDF.
What Makes Up the Good Life?
This article offers my seven-fold criteria for evaluating truth claims.
Have we entered into a post-Christian Culture? Consider the following factors:

Here is a cause/effect diagram offering significant factors why I believe we have entered into a post-Christian (but not postmodern) culture.

Presocratic Philosophy
This chart is in PDF.
Lecture 6a God and Worldview
 This lecture will assist you as you seek to define God. 
Comparison of the Moral Systems of Both Hume and Kant

This handout may be helpful to you as you reflect upon Hume's and Kant's conceptions of morality. 

How To Be the Type of Hero the World Needs in Three Difficult Steps

This is a commencement address I gave at a home school high school graduation ceremony on 14 May 2016. Here I weave cultural apologetics with certain existential themes. 

Fact/Value Dichotomy

Here is a survey into our western society's fact/value dichotomy. 

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"We become what we behold. We shape our tools and then our tools shape us." ~ Marshall McLuhan

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